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Pauls Silins

„Hi here’s Nikita speaking“
„Yeah, hi..”
“Do you remember me..? We’ve met at TechHub”
“ehm, not sure, but yes, I guess I might..”
“I was the one you drove to the bar.”
“Oh, hey!”
“So, I am in Riga now, was thinking of what you might do tonight?”
“Well I am in Berlin”
“In Berlin.. When do you come back? Do you come back?”
“I’ll be in Riga tomorrow evening”
“Want to have a drink tomorrow evening?”
“Yes, let’s meet up!”

Pauls travels a lot for music. Such calls happen sometimes when you’re on your next trip to whatever kind of city to follow some good musicians! Little did he know that day in Berlin that already next week he will be sitting in an airplane, on his way to the city of Hamburg.

The first time I met Pauls was at TechHub Riga, in the middle of a night on some weekday. The funny part was that he actually didn’t work there. He was working on TechChill at the moment but he still gave me a tour of the place nonetheless. This freedom of choice made it possible for him to give me a ride to the next good bar in the neighbourhood. Pauls is someone who instantly helps in any kind of situation – no matter if he knows the person or not. I’d call that a typical Silins syndrome – just make sure everyone is fine, everything is set up, everyone’s got a drink or a cigarette and feels alright.

Since the first time we met each other, without any concrete idea of what we wanted to do together, Pauls and I already found ourselves in the middle of a process of doing something. Pauls flew to Hamburg without knowing what to expect. I picked him up from the airport (he truly loves airports as well as spending a long time there) and we ran around and did things for 24 hours.

After that, we understood that we should stick together
for an unknown period of time.

Knowing Pauls might be useful if you want to reach a new level of English. Articulate properly. Good language skill isn’t unlikely for writers. Pauls is a kind of a writer that needs to understand good manners since he is using complicated forms – he is a reviewer. He writes reviews of music experience. Visiting concerts, meeting his favourite musicians and composing articles about them – that’s his style! His expertise, however, does not end there… Pauls is an expert in organizing events. I wonder if you can find someone better for this job. If something is happening in Riga – Pauls probably already heard of it, organizers and makers of the event probably already saved his number in their phones.

Whoever should start an idea and also is willing to develop, to establish or to grow – you should get to know Pauls Silins. He’s got a very strong passion for the things that he loves, and he collects a list of honourable character traits that unfortunately lost their popularity in the previous decades, such as trustworthiness, loyalty, honesty or being just friendly and helpful to people. Moving through Riga with him, might not be a good idea if you’re in rush though. You will need to calculate the time of Pauls being greeted, hugged, waved at or just recognized all the time.

However, the fact of his secret fame was not a surprise to me. His artistic crooked mind and the high-quality appreciation level in a conversation with someone is his – so highly desired – unique fucking selling point.

Written by Nikita Grabin

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