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Nikita Grabin

To write about Nikita Grabin is impossible. You just have to be there in certain situations to see who he is. For example, after a party in Hamburg, when he’s calling for a cab, he opens with: “Hello, it’s Grabin here” or at 6 a.m., when we are searching for options where to have breakfast and parallel to that he’s looking up flights to Kijev, because .. well, why not. It also happened after a party, but not all of the stories are about what comes after a party. Only a couple of them when I need to begin a story.

He does look like a crazy rockstar because he once was one. Stories about his life could be enough for the lifetimes of several people, but they are a good example on how to take chances and use them. He has taken part in an internship in some sort of physics experiment similar to the one that tried to simulate the Big Bang (or something like that. Believe me – to me they are all the same). Lived for a short period in Australia; has managed to learn martial arts and tango; told something about learning surfing in Bari and owning horses in Berlin, and nowadays he is saving dogs in Hamburg. He knows many languages (does not intend trying to learn Latvian) and is reaaaally good in sweet-talking into anything. That is why it is impossible to be angry with him. Also, he’s very patient and believes in people! Unbelievable, right? That’s one of many things I do admire in him and should learn but at the moment the thing that I have already learned from him so far – the habit of showing the middle finger (not too proud of that, tbh).

And the best part of being on his team
is that he gives a good space to manifest my artistic side –
it feels welcomed, understood and encouraged.

We met when he was searching for a designer for 4montnait (as he says – best 30Eur spent, ever* ) and it took like 1 handshake and a look at him (crazy rockstar look, like I said) to put all my trust in him. Instantly I got the feeling that I have involved myself in something, that I thought to myself as “this definitely will be interesting”. I haven’t yet heard his part of the story how long it took to make a decision**, but a few hours later he called me and said that he has a good feeling about this. And the feeling’s still there. Rocking this boat that we are all in since spring 2019.

* this is how much the annoying Facebook add cost (it was right in my face every time I opened the social media up for a week)

** updated – he confessed to me I could have even skipped the interview (well, I did fuck up the meeting time, so the joke is on him) – the job was already mine.

Written by Kristīna Raibarte

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