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Kristina Raibarte

Let’s start with the fact that she is an artist. A true one at that. Hair is always pinned with either a pencil or a brush (just in case) and cigarettes that she smoke are no other than rolling tobacco. She has already spent a lot of her years in the art academy but that’s not enough for her, so she keeps going back. You’d think that artists are chaotic but she’s definitely not of that kind. She’s punctual, sets her deadlines (and follows them) and all in all tries to keep order in the things she’s supposed to do. Of course, it may not be what you’d guess by looking at her table but we all need balance in our lives. An order in things you do and chaos with the tools you use to do them.

As a modern 21st century person she does somewhat believe in recycling and she definitely believes in eating healthy. Food plays a role in everyone’s lives but for her, it’s a bit more than just fuel for your batteries. Every meal has to be perfect or at least close to it. Though I’m not exactly talking about the taste of it. For her, the important part is the way the food on her plate looks. If it isn’t beautiful then the taste of it won’t matter. Especially when she prepares the meals herself, she makes them look just as great as they would in a five-star restaurant. Apart from the fact, that the size of the dish is normal. So I have to give her six stars out of five.

Let’s talk about cats. She has two of them and they’re both adorable. They’re the thing that she’ll always be willing to talk about and will get her phone out before you could finish saying “can you show them?”. One’s called Pumpkin and the other is Mouse. They may have torn apart her couch and they might be annoying in the mornings but they’re still a part of Kristina’s family.

Travelling is just as important to her. It doesn’t matter whether it’s somewhere in Europe, USA or India. With a smile on her face, she is willing to traverse the unknown even if she’s alone. Sometimes it’s even better for her to be alone on these trips because that way she’s able to experience a different side of the place she’s at.

Moreover, it is music that keeps her company when she’s alone.
Without music, she can hardly imagine how life could be.

When working, the perfect way for her to concentrate is with her earphones in and loud music on. Though sometimes, when she wants to share what she’s listening to, she’ll connect to our IKEA speaker and blast it all through the office. The good thing is (at least for us) that her taste in music is good and we do enjoy whatever she puts on the speaker. It’s almost the same we’d be listening to so there’s definitely no feud about this.

It’s not only that. She is also willing to go to a good concert if there is one happening. For instance, we had a blast seeing Foals live in Hamburg. She knew only a couple of their songs beforehand but that didn’t stop her from attending. As long as there is something happening, she will be willing to take part in that. It doesn’t really matter if it’s after a long day of work or in the middle of the night. She’ll just switch her mood to party mode and head wherever the thing is happening.

By all this, what I mean to say, is that she is always ready for a new experience that might bring a different view on life. She may be organised and always on time but she still needs that careless lifestyle where things just might happen out of nowhere. But that’s strictly outside of work. At work everything should happen by design or else…

Written by Pauls Siliņš

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